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Stool, Sleep, and Stress

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In this episode, Marisol Teijeiro, ND talks about Stool, Sleep, and Stress: How to Wake Up Like New Everyday 


Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, Naturopathic Doctor & Queen of the Thrones® empowers people to OWN YOUR THRONE® by guiding them to heal their gut and achieve better BM's. She is recognized as the creator of the easy and mess less Queen of the Thrones® Castor oil pack used to reset your stools, your sleep and your stress. She is clinical director of Sanas Health Practice in Canada and practices by the principle "health begins in the gut " as stated by the first Ancient Greek Doctor Hippocrates. She teaches all over the world and recently has been featured on various TV programs including national syndicated NBC Bloom as well as The Marilyn Denis Show in Canada. She is a published author of the award winning book, “OH SH*T!” 3 stress-less steps to connect and have better sleep, clear your bowels and calm your life.


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Evan H. Hirsch, MD  0:00  
Hello and welcome to the fix your fatigue podcast. Whether you can't get out of bed in the morning, your energy crashes throughout the day, or you're a bio hacker looking to optimize your energy, productivity and focus. This podcast is for you. I am Dr. Evan Hirsch. And I will be your host on your journey to resolving fatigue and optimizing your energy. And we'll be interviewing some of the top leaders in the world on resolution. Welcome. Hey, if you've got food allergies, mast cell activation syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity, and are just overloaded with toxins. One of the major things that you can do is to clean out your liver. And today we're going to be talking with Dr. Marty soul to hero and we're going to be talking about how to use a castor oil pack to do so because one of the most important things before you can start removing heavy metals, chemicals, molds, infections, allergies, negative emotional patterns, electromagnetic frequencies, is you got to be in Step three, and you got to be opening up your detoxification pathways and castor oil packs are a great way to do this. Thanks so much for joining us. Hey everybody, welcome to another episode on the fixer fatigue podcast. So glad that you're here with us. I'm really excited about today's speaker because I spent the first 22 years of my life pooping once a week and it wasn't a good thing. So let me introduce you to her so Dr. Mati soul to hero naturopathic doctor and Queen of the thrones empowers people to own your throne by guiding them to heal their gut and achieve better BMS. She's recognized as the creator of the easy and massless Queen of the thrones castor oil pack used to reset your stools, your sleep and your stress, which we're going to talk about today. She is clinical director of saunas. health practice in Canada and practices by the principal health begins in the gut, as stated by the first ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates. She teaches all over the world and recently has been featured on various TV programs, including nationally syndicated NBC Blum, as well as the Marilyn Dennis show in Canada. She is published author of the award winning book oh shit stressless steps to connect and have better sleep clean your bowels and calm your life. Dr. Maddy soul. Thank you so much for joining me today.


Marisol Teijeiro, ND  2:26  
Oh, thank you so much for having me. What a beautiful introduction. So great, so great.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  2:33  
Yeah, so great having you with me. So we're gonna be talking today about stool sleep and stress how to wake up like new every day. So that's, that's a bold promise. And I'm excited to get into it. And so we're gonna be talking about those three things. So how do they relate to each other? And maybe you can kind of pull it together in context of your story.


Marisol Teijeiro, ND  2:53  
Awesome. Yeah. What happened to me was, was this was that I grew up. Really, obviously, I grew up as a child, I saw example, my mother, constantly unhappy and sad, like depressed and anxious. And dealing with three very obvious problems, which were number one, her ability to go to the bathroom, it was, you know, constant talk that our home, my mom couldn't go to the bathroom, we were on vacation, she couldn't go to the bathroom, we need to go get fruit, we need to get get prunes, we need to go get this and that. And then my mom suffering in her sleep. Like I recall being a kid and waking up. And you know, seeing my mom and the early hours I just exhausted but in the kitchen, like she wasn't able to sleep, she was going to get a little food. You know, she just she just wasn't happy. Like she wasn't her body really wasn't exciting in a good way. And then her stress levels, and I saw her stress levels ever increasing her, her always being more and more anxious, fearful of everything frustrated by everything, you know, everything was a big old mountain instead of being like a little molehill. And I really watched her suffer, and it really made me feel bad because I felt so bad for her and you know, as a child is your parents and you wish that they could be better, right? And you wish you could do something, but you have no power to do that anything because you're just a small child. And then, you know, my life went on I, you know, went into school became a younger woman, you know, went into a career. And sure enough, I started seeing the same things happening in me. I started you know, not being able to go to the bathroom quite well. I either was going too much or, you know, like you couldn't go for a week, right? Like it was it was like really problematic. And it really started affecting my life because it was to the point where I didn't know what was gonna happen whether it was going to go too much or too little. And that I was starting to get afraid of having social commitments and social engagements. Because if I didn't know where the bathroom was, it I was super scared. And that was super frustrating and, and, and disappointing and I just felt like I wasn't living my best life and I'm I'm such a social person like you You and I have known each other for years. And you know how sociable I am right? Like, I was just it was, it was it was hurting me like it was I was dying inside like it was really killing me. But it wasn't only like the stools, it was also my sleep that was messed up, like I couldn't, I couldn't fall asleep, I couldn't stay asleep. And same thing with the anxiety, you know, I started to get like major anxiety attacks. And I was so frustrated with the medical system because I had, you know, asked, I had gone to get tested. And you know, the answers that I was getting was sorry, you got IBS, sorry about your luck, nothing we can do. Just gonna have to try to figure it out on your own, try to kind of maybe find your triggers on your own. And I was like, How can this be, you know, in a world of all these beautiful medical advancements that we can save people's lives. And then something so simple, like sleeping, you know, having proper stools, and like, you know, going to the bathroom having a beautiful BM every day. And anxiety really like there aren't very many tools that actually super help them and, and help fix them besides being on a drug for the rest of your life or be on a laxative for the rest of your life. Like how can this be right? It didn't. It didn't make sense to me. And so I ended up going back to school and going back to coming Nash Pathak doctor because I wanted to figure it out for myself. And sure enough, those three symptoms were my stools, not being able to go to the bathroom, of course not being that was asleep very well. And my stress started getting worse and worse and worse. Even though I was taking all the right supplements at that point in time, right, which is what so many of us ended up doing, you know, taking more supplements, doing more practices, trying to do more things to make it all better. And the end result end up being that I ended up in school getting sicker rather than better. And I actually had to figure out a way to get myself better. And I ended up figuring it out with this old ancient tool that during my young adulthood before even becoming a naturopathic doctor, people were telling me about at the health food stores at the practitioners offices that I was going to, you know, the doctors that I had visited that were the natural doctors told me to do it, these castor oil packs was what they asked me to do. And I was so against doing it because it was messy. And it wasn't an easy thing. And it wasn't in my conventional mindset. You know, I was looking for a pill for an ill, right, that's what I bought I was looking for, and these Castro pots didn't fit into that equation. But I was so sick and I needed a way out. And so I figured you know kind of like as a last straw and like you know what, I'm just going to try this because here I am in bed right now like now I'm so bad that I can't even get out of bed I'm like literally like chronic fatigue. Like I couldn't get out of bed I can neither could I sleep but I was never getting any rest. He was just like you felt like a you know, vicious cycle of like the same hell over and over and over again my days, waking up, restless, fatigued, exhausted. And I filled up my first very first pack. And I put it on my body, I put it on my liver. And for those of you listening, we're going to get into how and why and what exactly it is Castro pack is so please stay tuned. I put it on my liver. And literally that first night, it felt to me like and I'm gonna use a biblical reference here that, you know, the sky opened up and the angels began to sing. And for the first time in my life, my anxiety dwindled away. The next morning, I went to the bathroom like an angel really like it was so smooth and easy to felt like a quiet again, I lujah coming out of my body, honestly, and and that night, my sleep was so sound I just drifted away so peacefully, it wasn't, you know, try to mindset yourself try to count sheep try to do something, you know, try to deep breathe. I know, it wasn't that like with the Castro pack on my body. I literally just, you know, melted away and gracefully fell into sleep. And I slept all throughout the night. And then that morning, I literally woke up like knew. And I was like, wow, like I wasn't 100% better because remember, I had chronic fatigue, like there was Mondo super infection. Like there's a lot of things going on. But I woke up like new, more new than I was the day before. And every consecutive day kept getting better and better and better to the point that I was able to finish up my clinical year, I was able to go and start in clinical practice. You know, I was actually even I was so impressed with these Castro pocs that I even like created a company while I was still in school and decided and launch them because I wanted all my patients, you know with me to be doing the packs with me because I knew how good they were and what they had changed in me. And because more importantly, you know what I saw in my clinical practice. I saw the exact same pattern. All of my women were having problems sleeping, either couldn't fall asleep, or they couldn't stay asleep. And I asked all the listeners out there like, Is this you? Like, would you say if this is you? I'm sure I'm sure you're nodding your head with me. Yeah, that's me, Dr. Marisol. And I saw them not being able to go to the bathroom properly, right again, and I asked all the listeners is is you write being unable to go to the bathroom properly. And then, you know, same deal. So much anxiety, and so much stress sometimes correlates to the conditions that they're having. Because, you know, they're feeling like a bouncing ball, you know, bouncing all over the place, trying to figure out the solution, trying to figure out the answer. They're bouncing all over the place, they're not getting any answers. And then their stresses is getting bigger and bigger and bigger, or their problems are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And so it was it was this tool that I just had such a desire to bring the people because it It changed my life. So fundamentally, now, it wasn't the only thing that I did. So please don't get that wrong. It was, you know, listeners out there, it wasn't the only thing that I did. But what the Castro pack did for me was that it put it all together, all my plan and my supplements, my practices, all those things that I was doing to improve my life eating healthy, right, I was able to reduce the amount of supplements I was taking, I was able to laser beam focusing on supplements I was taking, I was able to feel better sleep better, because I was digesting better. So my stools got better. So it was just an amazing, you know, full circle, full circle from what I was experiencing before the hell that I was experiencing before. What I felt with those castor oil packs is that I was actually, you know, moving and taking the journey into the much better place that I needed to be in order to have truly great health.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  11:41  
Amazing. Wow. I love that journey. So let's get into this Castro pack. You know you you've been talking about it. You've you told us the story about how you use it. What does it look like? Is it Well, yeah, describe it to us for those people who like aren't aren't able to see this video.


Marisol Teijeiro, ND  11:59  
To see the video. Yeah, so the Castro pack is literally a compress or a Think of it like a band aid. It's like a big, big big band aid. It's made of cotton flannel, ideally. And the queen of the thrones castor oil packs, these are made of cotton flannel, organic cotton flannel. And we also use a beautiful covering that prevents the oil from leaking, it's not 100% mess less, it's less mess, if sometimes can, you know leak through different air like leak through the sides and can be a little problematic in that way. But it is a really good pack that makes it super super cleaner than it ever was before. And it literally is like a big bandage that's going to cover your entire liver. And your liver stands in the middle of your rib cage. So it's like the middle of you Center, where your belly button is all the ways that your backside. So basically wrapping all the way around to your leg where you would imagine that your rib cage is where you can feel your rib cage all the way like the middle of your back. And it is wrapped all the way around there. And what we do with this this band is we literally put organic castor oil in the middle of the bandaid and then put it directly in the body. And we sleep with it ideally overnight, which will give you all those really great like wake up like new feelings. Or you had the other option to wear it for an hour in the evening. But with all practices, remember people that you know the effort that you put into it is what you're going to get out of it. And you know, with my patients, I really highly try to get them to do it nightly, because they get so much more benefit when they do do it nightly. Because the practice keeps on building on itself. castor oil packs are truly a foundational treatment. You know, so many of us are working on healing our gut, well, everybody's working on healing their gut, right in our world, right when you say like everybody's working on healing the gut that we're all working on healing our gut from, you know, the inside using pills, you know, teas, drinks, but the biggest problem is that we just don't have observability, right, or observability is very minor because our gut is very damaged. And we have issues such as, you know, inappropriate microbiome, right? Where we could have the bad growth of the bad bacteria, or maybe overgrowth of yeast, things like people have heard of maybe known as Candida, right, we can have problems with those areas. And all of those factors are going to truly prevent us from actually absorbing properly. All of our supplements, all of our foods that we're eating all of those things, right. So that's a huge aspect is that if we really want to heal the gut, we need to do something that can help the absorbability of the gut gut first and foremost. And when you do a castor oil pack topically, the oil is able to seep in deeply into the skin and deep into the tissues because it's actually the only oil in the world that can actually permeate And penetrate the top layer of the skin, which is phenomenal, right? It's the very best carrier oil. So no matter you know, if you're using essential oils, you know, I know many, many listeners love their essential oils. And if that's you, well, the best carrier oil is castor oil. And because it's the only one that has the molecular way back and go deeply into the tissues, it's just a perfect way to go deep. And you want to make sure, especially with Castro, because it has an activity that you always always purchase high quality castor oil, like the quinoa thrones casserole. And it's always always organic in a glass bottle, it must absolutely be in glass. Because if it's not in glass, you're going to be actually carrying plastic into your body. And so you want to be careful of that. So that's a really important point to take note of. But it is such an amazing oil. And with the castor oil pack used together, it's very important to have them together. Because it's going to be truly effective at helping to heal the gut, from the outside in. So that way you can absorb your supplements better. And that way you can absorb your wonderful food better as well, too. So it's such a big game changer in that aspect.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  16:05  
Brilliant. So then, how does it work? Is it pulling toxins out? Is it bringing something in?


Marisol Teijeiro, ND  16:12  
Awesome. So we know that castor oil permeates through the skin, the exact effectiveness or sorry, not effectiveness of the exact way that it works, we're not 100% sure tell your truth, but there is quite a bit of research that that shows how it works. So we do know that castor oil isn't a really phenomenal anti inflammatory, which means that it's going to help with reducing the inflammation. So number one, when we put the castor oil pack over the liver, we are reducing inflammation in that area. And we all know that our liver is you know, dealing with a lot of inflammation these days, because it deals with all the you know hormones that need to be processed and gotten out of the body, it deals with all the things like expresses excesses of cholesterol that need to come out of the system. I mean, it just deals with all the garbage in the junk that needs to come out of the body. And and because it has to deal with so much of that, you know, it can easily get inflamed. It also is balancing our sugar. I mean, it's just it does so many different jobs with the liver just has so many different jobs and it and now, nowadays, so many people have a non alcoholic fatty liver disease. And I'm sure lots of listeners are dealing with this kind of an issue. And you know, they they're not even drinking alcohol, but yet they're having you know, signs of a liver progressing into like a psychotic liver, that won't work anymore. Now how can that be? Well, a lot of that has to do with like stress how our body's dealing with sugar. And these are all the activities of the liver is just simply overwhelmed, there's so much to do. So if you can give her hand like a loving hand by giving it a little bit of topical reduction of inflammation, so locally right in the area. And just by reducing the inflammation, you can augment how the liver is naturally working. And so that's like, that's like step number one, that's amazing. I can do that. Because you can improve all the livers functions just with doing that. So can cleanse better, you can detox better you can hormonal aliy detox and cleanse better. You know, it's just got such great activity right there. But then on top of that you also are getting a lot of nourishment to the liver. Because the castor oil in its own has is chock full of great nutrients like high doses of vitamin E. So it actually helps with recycling uglify on and liver, which is the master detoxification agent. It also has components like phytochemicals, like quercetin questions awesome. I love Kristen, I use Kristen so much to help heal the gut from the inside. But I love that castor oil can help heal the gut from the outside with the corson. And Kirsten as well happens to be a really great key leader of iron. And for so many people, you know, iron is something that's causing problems in their liver, or if they're dealing with a infection of some sort, maybe an underlying mononucleosis and underlying bacterial infection and underlying any kind of an infection, Candida or yeast, oftentimes people in their labs will find that their iron is low. And they'll think that they're actually anemic, but it's not the case. They're actually their bodies actually hiding the iron to not be the infection that's going on in the body. So there's another bonus that can really help your body to like balance out, especially if you're one of those persons who is you know, actively dealing with infections, things like Lyme things that will cause a lot of fatigue mononucleosis. Right. These are big, these are big problems that are infections that are constant and consistent Candida will cause you to be extremely tired as well, too. Right? And these are all pictures of people that will notice that they'll probably be anemic. I'm sure many of you are nodding your head right now just saying oh my god, that's me. And I have like low anemia. But I also have all these codes of infections too. Right? So there's just there's so much of a benefit there. And then we mustn't forget that it's not just only the castor oil or has the benefit, but it's also you know, because Castro Well, on top of those things help move the bowels right. It has its oil component and the way that it's connected. molecular structures chemical structure is such that it actually looks like progesterone, and prostaglandins. So for women with hormonal problems, or estrogen dominance or thyroid problems, like this is a major thing. And this is one of the reasons why they're constipated is because their progesterone levels can be low, or even relatively low. And so when you're doing Castro PACs topically supporting like a molecule that that mimics or looks like a prostaglandin, which is an anti inflammatory, but also looks like a progesterone molecule, that can then help with smooth muscle movement, which is what happens in the gut to get the food out and get those bowels moving. Like this is another area where castor oil helps. So it does these three amazing things that are pretty spectacular. And then there's always more with castor oil. So I'm going to give you and there's more. Because the other thing that Castro does is that it stimulates nitric oxide production. And nitric oxide is an anti aging molecule. And it's an agent that like helps heal the gut helps bring circulation to the gut. So there's so many factors of the Castrol that really heal the gut and help the gut to move better help the liver and the large intestine and the gut in general to be less inflamed. So you're really getting a lot of benefit in all the most important key components. And that's why the practice is so foundational. But then there's more like a salesperson, but then there's more.


This is where there gets to be more, right? Is this is that, you know, and we were talking earlier on, you know, any great doctor has to, you know, be a really good a salesperson, because, you know, we as doctors have to help people to change their diets and their lifestyles. And that is something that people don't want to do, right? Like it's a challenge. That's a real big challenge to do. So it's kind of interesting, right? That you know, great coaches, great doctors really are able to help people to transform right because a transformation is a change of mind state right? So the can not only is it the castor oil that has effect, but if you guys remember I spoke about the castor oil pack, being like a band aid, but a really big band aid that covers over your liver. And while y'all know when your kid comes and asks you Oh mom, I have a boo boo or Dad, I fell down and I have a boo boo, what's the first thing we do? We go and take a band aid and we put it on it. And right and because of better, right? So right away, there's a feeling of comfort and reassurance that we feel better. While the Castro pack is no different. We put that castor oil pack on the body on the liver, it not only starts to reassure you and help you feel better right away that you're doing something for your body. But there is an entire cascade of hormones and molecules neurotransmitters that start to pump in the system to make you be better. And those molecules are number one, oxytocin, which is the love and connection molecule. And this is also the molecule FYI everyone out there that compensates for excessive amounts of stress. So if you remember I said the first time I put the castor oil pack on myself, it felt like the sky opened up and the angels began to sing. Well, the reason why is because suddenly, my body got a huge boost from putting the pack on my body, and the beautiful organic cotton flannel, the soft softness of the material, touching all the receptors that I have on my skin. You know, this is like neural neurology, one on one touching all of receptors in a very important localized area that is highly connected to the relaxed state of our body that suddenly stimulated and triggered oxytocin to boost out in my body. And so then suddenly, I felt a wave of relaxation. And I literally felt like I was suspended and cared for and loved because it was oxytocin that was running through my body. And that sensation made me also feel and believe that I could potentially be better.


And then another thing happened was another neurotransmitter another chemical messenger hormone, the hormone dopamine came out of my brain boosted into my brain. And this is well known with castor oil, and also well known with them the material against the skin, but also the oil Yes, the skin with the material. It stimulates dopamine, which stimulates the reward mechanism. Reward mechanism and healing is incredibly powerful. And the reward mechanism is something that I really work with patients to engage in my first few visits. So my first visit with every single patient is a castor oil pack. Because what I want them to have is I want them to have some kind of a win right away. Because I remember how desperate I was frustrated, I was sad I was in pain I was that I couldn't get a win. You know, I couldn't get a win that would last long enough for me to stay the track that I was going on. And so when I did the Castro pack for that one that first time I got A major win, because I felt so good. And then the next day, I felt like I woke up newer than I was the day before. And so when I felt like I was waking up newer the day before, that was a huge win for me. And, you know, I saw the same process in my mom, when my mom was diagnosed with with like, an advanced age and breast cancer. And one of the first strategies I was able to convince her to do was a castor oil pack. And I said to her mom do it because, you know, I saw her stewing in the depression and the sadness and the frustration of the diagnosis. And I knew, you know, and I'm sure you've seen it as well to so many times in patients, because I knew I had to move out from that state into a better, more positive state, so that she could be armed and she could be ready for the journey ahead. Because you know, treating cancer isn't a joy, right? It's a step by step process, right? But I knew if I could give her motivation, and I could give her a win a quick win. And I knew that if I can make her feel better in those three areas that had been, she'd been just struggling her entire life, you know, reminding everyone that she couldn't poo, just like you may not be able to go to the bathroom, you know, she was very stressed. Because like, you may, you may be very stressed. And then also, you know, that she was just couldn't sleep, right, just like you may not be able to sleep well, right, we were able to give her wins in those areas, despite going through chemotherapy, despite going through radiation, things that often can knock off those areas of the body. So she felt a lot better. And she was able to survive and get through something that we weren't even sure that she would come out the other end, and she did great. And she had 11 years post her cancer treatment, surviving cancer free and the end it wasn't even her cancer, she died a peaceful in a peaceful way. Right? Like it was an incredible journey. And so to me, it was amazing what the casserole pot could do all those wins, help deliver better health, the large intestine and all the intestinal organs work better, help your nervous system work better your hormones work better, you know, stimulate those, those those feel good feel good sensations in your body. So you actually have the motivation to do the journey of feeling and being your best self. So I've just been and sell your truth like I know I say like, and there's more, but it's like I'm been researching and working with castor oil for now over 12 years. And honestly, like I'm constantly finding new and greater ways that it's working on constant learning new things. I'm just always amazed at what a miracle wrap these casserole liver packs truly are.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  27:35  
Awesome. I've been using castor oil packs and recommending them for years. I actually haven't been using them personally I need to now have to listen to this. But I've been recommending them for years, but I never really knew how they work. So thank you so much for explaining that.


Marisol Teijeiro, ND  27:48  
Yeah, it's amazing. It really is amazing. I love them so much.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  27:52  
So then my next question is getting getting into like practicality. So yeah, like the ideal dosing, we talked about how every night put it on how much castor oil do you put into the pack?


Marisol Teijeiro, ND  28:07  
Awesome so the queen of the thrones pack we made it so that it was incredibly simple. And that it wasn't a 12 step process that it was the way before because any listeners out there who've done a pack or have heard about doing a pack you know they may have even done the pack or maybe never done the pack because you know they were like me I never did the Castro pack the old way. I just made my new pack and then just figured it out and I went from there because I was not looking forward to doing the 12 step routine. And the old way also didn't make sense because it would oversaturate the flannel like you would basically use a whole bottle of castor oil, you would put it in the oven, put it on your body and then you wrapped yourself with saran wrap. And I did not like wrapping myself with plastic. I did not think that that would be a good idea or healthy. Especially with oil right because if you think about it, if you're not using castor oil that is in a plastic bottle you should internet people have casserole in a plastic bottle I'd encourage them to really put it in the garbage because they could be doing themselves more harm than good. You know one of the most common comments we get is that you know they've been using castor oil from other people and then they start to use our castor oil and then they actually see and notice a difference with our castor oil, something that they didn't notice with other brands right but that's because of the quality and you know the care that we put into our products. So you know I didn't want to do I didn't want to mix plastic into my whole process of doing casseroles I wanted to do it really good in an easy way. So with our our castor oil packs the queen of Thrones casserole liver packs, all you do is simply pour in two tablespoons Easy peasy the first time and then after that you use less and less oil each time because your your conference starts to get more and more saturated as you go. So super, super simple to do. It now has become as easy as a one minute nighttime routine. You literally take your pack, put a little bit of oil on it. If it's the first time you're doing it. You put two tablespoons. If it's you know, your second third, fourth week a weekend you put One tablespoon. And then you just place it on your liver, ideally you're wearing and I'm asked to go with it, and then you go to bed. And that's it. Super, super simple, right? It takes away all the guesswork before of doing this big production, which let's be real, none of us have time for right. And that was the reason like early on when I first started prescribing it before it even been able to bring my product to market, I started realizing that even I was prescribing it, none of my patients were doing it. And it really put the desire and you know, like the it was literally the mash that lit lit my desire on to really get it into the hands of my patients into the people to give them the Castro pot because I knew and served them so well. Right that they knew that in order to do it, because we need an easy way to do things or we just want


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  30:46  
to do it. And so where do you pour in the castor oil on the pack?


Marisol Teijeiro, ND  30:50  
Yeah, so you put it on the very, very on the inside of the castor oil pack on the very, very soft cotton flannel aspect. So that goes directly onto your body. The other option you can do is just take two tape One, two to one tablespoons in your hand, and then put it directly onto your liver, and then put the pack on top. So that's another way to do it. You could just take the oil, rub your liver with it, and then put the pack on. So that's the other option.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  31:17  
And then does it get the bed messy.


Marisol Teijeiro, ND  31:19  
Okay, so this cannot happen? Absolutely. Because it is castor oil. And sometimes it's not perfect. But what we say to people is that, in general, the first few times it shouldn't get the bed messy, but just be safe and on the face side wearing old t shirt, because then that way it's going to go to the T shirt first and not the sheets. And you know, it's so funny because at first that bothered me as well, too. But now I'm like 12 years into my practice of it. And me and my husband on all of our sheets, we actually have like stains of our Castro packs. Because we don't wear a T shirt. We don't care anymore. We're like it's part of our life. It's who we are. And we figure the parts I have the staining. No one sees that except us, right? Because when we have our bed nicely, no one see that. So it's not a big deal. But I understand where people are coming from. So my recommendation there is is wearing old t shirt on top, have the pack on your body, and then you should be good to go.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  32:06  
Brilliant. So tell us where can we find this casserole pack? Where can we learn more about you? And I do believe there is a video on how to do this on the website. Right?


Marisol Teijeiro, ND  32:16  
Absolutely, yeah, so they can come check out our website, it's clean of the Doctor sorry, you can Google as fine as add Queen of the thrones at Queen of the thrones is also our Instagram handle her very, very active there. So that's wonderful. So come join us, we'd love to have you in the community. And then of course on our website, they can find out more. And we do also have a great YouTube channel where they can see all the great videos of all all the work we've done and how to use it make it easy. And whatever the condition you may have, whether it's hormonal hashimotos thyroiditis, auto immune diseases, Crohn's colitis, and this Castro packs work for everyone, even children, just not when you're pregnant. So that's one thing I do want to say if you're pregnant, you want to stay away from Castro pox because as we said earlier, it does move smooth muscle and smooth muscle is the muscle around the uterus. So we want to make sure we keep the baby cooking in the oven. We don't want any any any unexpected surprises. surprises, so best to not use when pregnant. But when you are breastfeeding Castrol packs can be started again. So that's a bonus.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  33:20  
Right? And it sounds like then for menstrual cramps, it would actually be quite good.


Marisol Teijeiro, ND  33:25  
It is excellent for menstrual cramps. Great question, because it's actually a common question because people have heard out there on on in the Great, great beyond websites and Google that you shouldn't use castor oil packs for menstruation. But that actually isn't true. There's a way to do it. If you've never done a castor oil pack, don't do it your first time on a period, because what will happen is that it will move the smooth muscle and you may have increasing cramping. Right. So don't do it your first time starting the day under period. But what you do is you want to do it before you start your period. Because if you do pack before you even start your period, what ends up happening is actually going to improve your period. So your your cramping will be a lot less, you know your flow will be easier. And you'll just see all the benefit. I've actually used it very strategically because you won't believe more people think that you'll bleed more if you do a Castro pot. If that's not the case, you're not going to believe more you're going to bleed what you're going to bleed on your regular period anyways, your normal period, what will happen is just that you may bleed faster because again, castor oil packs Castro liver packs, they move things that are stagnant. So whether you have hormones that are stagnant in your body, or you have junk and garbage that needs to come out of your body toxins, you know, whatever the case may be byproducts of bacteria, all that stuff that needs to come out of your body, castor oil always moves what what doesn't serve us anymore. It moves it out of the body and makes room for what is new, and we will help you to grow. And that is the reason why. You know we say that you when you start the Castro pack practice. You know you really truly do feel like you wake up like new every day a little bit better than the day before, because it's just the way that you start to feel. And that's why a consistent practice is ideal.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  35:11  
I love that. And so last question is about taking oral castor oil. Why not? Why can't we just take it as a pill?


Marisol Teijeiro, ND  35:19  
I love that. I know everyone always wants a pill. I get that question all the time. And it's such a good question. Well, number one is this. Let's talk about real estate. Now, I know this isn't a medical podcast, but let's talk about real estate, shall we? a pill. And this is a big problem too. When we're talking about healing our gut, you know, everyone's trying to heal their gut, your gut, my friends, is like the size of a football field. Like honestly, we're like layout all your gut, all your intestines size of a football field. And here we are expecting one little pill the size of our baby fingernail, or maybe two of those, or maybe three of those, right, some kind of guts supplements that you're taking. And we're setting that to be miraculous and heal our gut from the inside out. I hate to break it to you, but it's not gonna happen, right? It's just like, if you just think about it, like logically, okay, know that you can't, that could never happen because there's not enough real estate coverage. You know, those pills can get everywhere that they need to go to help and healing the gut. But when we talk about the castor oil pack, look at this, look at how much well you can see it cuz you're on the podcast, the casserole pot covers so much of the area of your abdomen and your belly and your liver, you've got so much real estate coverage, right? And we all know that the more real estate you have, the better that it is for you in life, right because real estate is poor is important. And it's easy, it's great transferable value just helps you achieve your dreams, right. So same thing, when we have more real estate we can achieve our dreams, right it just helps our bodies to work better. And when you take castor oil orally, although it can be used as a stimulant laxative, it it is it is very abrasive and it is very strong. And it does have addictive tendencies, no different than conventional laxative, only if taken early. You don't have those problems when you do the castor oil pack, because any laxative taken orally, will eventually start to affect your sphincters and how they respond. So it's very, very important when I say I say avoid Castro orally I'm not a huge fan of Castile orally, I truly truly prefer it to be done topically and to do it as a castor oil pack. Because the castor oil liver pack what it does is its effects are so more far reaching, you don't get the effects of anti inflammation, nitrous oxide, you don't get all those all those great nourishments when you're just taking a pill or taking a spoonful of castor oil, you're just getting the movement of the bowels. And when you do a Castro liver pack. That's when you see all the amazing effects of you know, you get to poop better, you sleep better, you stress less. Right? You wake up like new your hormones cleanse and detox better. And overall you just feel better. Right? Which is the goal of what we're all trying to achieve here. Right.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  38:08  
Yeah. Well, and I think it's it's a tribute to the liver. Yeah, cuz of how important how how how important the liver is. And so this is kind of like a liver lover. It's like giving your liver a hug.


Marisol Teijeiro, ND  38:21  
Yeah, exactly. Those are perfect words. I need to use that. That's great coffees awesome. Yeah, this is this is exactly that, right like it. And it is known as the castor oil liver pack. And, you know, we could go even deeper into this. It's my beat, this will be our next podcast, because the liver is intimately connected to our hormones. And it's intimately connected to our heart and intimately connected to our thyroid and intimately connected to our spirituality. They actually think that potentially the liver houses our soul and our spirit, we just think of in the Bible, like where did the peace pierced Jesus Christ when he was on the cross, through his liver into his heart, right and purposefully because of the soul, the soul aspect. And so there's an entire aspect that we didn't even get into here today, which is something that you guys can learn either on my website or on Instagram, or on our next podcast that we do together is that the liver, the casserole liver pack. Also, as you remember, I said, the skies opened up and the angels began to sing. I when you do a Castro pack, you truly do begin to feel very, very calm, and very connected. And for me, someone who had in her healing journey, like many of you out there and nod your head if this is you, you know, tried to do meditation, tried to do like relaxation practices, and kind of went through the motions, but didn't really they didn't really do it for you. Well, when I did the castor oil pack, I have a first time in life, I was able to try to learn how to meditate. I was able to get into a really cool yoga practice. And they learned how to do that. So it was really special. For me to be able to get more connected spiritually as well, too. So that's, that's the bonus on the castor oil pack that we didn't even get to talk about, I promise. And there's more.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  40:12  
And there is actually one more thing talking about a bonus. So you're gonna give our listeners a coupon code where they're gonna get 10% off, right?


Marisol Teijeiro, ND  40:22  
Exactly, yeah, exactly. So follow, follow the link in the show notes. And you guys can go and take advantage and get the casserole pot 10% off, it's a journey that you want to take, and that you probably hear have heard yourself, being one of those persons or those of that woman who you know, can't sleep is very stressed. And really has been having challenges all of her life going to the bathroom and for men to write and really want, you know, even taking all the supplements doing all the right things, you know, even to thinking of all the doctors, and you just want to try something different, because you really do want to feel like you wake up like new every day a little bit better and better.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  41:05  
I love it. I'm gonna go get mine right now.


Marisol Teijeiro, ND  41:07  
I love it. I've converted you. That's great.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  41:10  
You have doctor money. So thank you so much for being with me today. I really appreciate it.


Marisol Teijeiro, ND  41:15  
Thank you so much, Dr. Evan, I just love being with you. And I love what you do. And I love how you're you're changing the lives and helping people you know free themselves from the fatigue that they're dealing with is just amazing mission. So I'm glad to be here. humbled to be here on on on here with you. So thank you so much for expose me to your listeners.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  41:34  
I hope you learned something on today's podcast. If you did, please share it with your friends and family and leave us a five star review on iTunes. It's really helpful for getting this information out to more fatigue people who desperately needed sharing all the experts I know in love, and the powerful tips I have on fatigue is one of my absolute favorite things to do. If you'd like more information, please sign up for my newsletter, where I share all important facts and information about the team from the foods and supplements to the programs and products that I use personally and recommend to others so that they can live their best lives. Just go to fix your forward slash newsletter to sign up and I will send you this great information. Thanks for being part of my community. Just a reminder, this podcast is for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional care by a doctor or other qualified medical professional. It is provided with the understanding that it does not constitute medical or other professional advice or services. If you're looking for help with your fatigue, you can visit my website and work with us at fix your fatigue calm and remember, it's important that you have someone in your corner who is a credentialed healthcare professional to help you make changes. This is very important, especially when it comes to your health. Thanks for listening and have an amazing day.


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