Dr. Louise Swartzwalter - Episode 25

Reboot Your Brain and Reclaim Your Energy

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In this episode, Dr. Louise Swartzwalter talks Reboot Your Brain and Reclaim Your Energy


For over twenty years, Dr. Louise has been helping transform lives individually and in groups using a unique multi- dimensional approach including Naturopathy, biofeedback, trauma release work, NLP, life coaching and energy work.  Louise is the owner and founder of the Brain- Soul Success Academy and the creator of the BRAIN system TM, a five step transformational program serving clients worldwide. She teaches professionals, entrepreneurs and coaches how to clear energetic blocks to remain balanced , focused and retrain their mind to make a bigger impact. Using a combination of tools Louise has helped people move from anxiety  to calm in one session. Dr. Louise's unique multi – dimensional approach has helped thousands of  clients the last twenty years reach success in their lives. One client told her that “one session felt like sixteen years of therapy” while another said “she saved my life.”  Dr. Louise enjoys speaking and teaching globally and has shared with audiences on KOB-TV, Good Day New Mexico, KOB radio, events and professional organizations both in person and online.


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Evan H. Hirsch, MD  0:00  
Hello and welcome to the fix your fatigue podcast. Whether you can't get out of bed in the morning, your energy crashes throughout the day, or you're a bio hacker looking to optimize your energy, productivity and focus. This podcast is for you. I am Dr. Evan Hirsch. And I will be your host on your journey to resolving fatigue and optimizing your energy. And we'll be interviewing some of the top leaders in the world on resolution. Welcome. Hey, everybody, welcome back to another episode on the fix your fatigue podcast. I'm so glad you're here with me today, because today we're going to be talking with my friend Dr. Louise Swartz, Walter. So Dr. For over 20 years, Dr. Louise has been helping transform lives individually and in groups using a unique multi dimensional approach including natural pathi biofeedback, trauma released work, NLP or neuro linguistic programming, life coaching and energy work. Louise is the owner and founder of the brain soul Success Academy and the creator of the brain system, a five step transformational brain program serving clients worldwide. She teaches professionals, entrepreneurs and coaches How to Clear energetic blocks to remain balanced, focused and retrain their mind to make a bigger impact. Using a combination of tools. Louise has helped people move from anxiety to come in one session. Dr. Phil Louise's unique multi dimensional approach has helped 1000s of clients, the last 20 years reach success in their lives. One client told her that one session felt like 16 years of therapy, while another said she saved my life. Dr. Louise enjoys speaking and teaching globally and has shared with audiences on k ob TV. Good day New Mexico, K, ob radio events and professional organizations, both in person and online. Dr. Louise, thank you so much for being with me today.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  2:01  
What a pleasure. Thank you so much for having me. Dr. Robin, this is great. This is awesome.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  2:06  
I really appreciate it. So we're gonna be talking today about reboost your brain and reclaim your energy. And everybody Stay tuned, because we've got some great gifts at the end of this. So let's start off with your story of fatigue. And you know how you became interested in brain health?


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  2:25  
Yeah, absolutely. So um, so I crashed, you know, I had the labels of chronic fatigue, Ms. fibromyalgia, they really just didn't know, you know, so this is this is back over 25 years ago. And I ended up on that path of just doctor hopping and trying to find out what was wrong with me. At the time, my brain didn't work. I actually had my phone number written on a sticky note in my wallet. So I didn't have a memory. And yet, what's interesting about that is prior to prior to crashing, I was a special education teacher. And so I was working with learning. We're learning difference children, helping them learn to read, write and spell a lot of dyslexic ADHD. And then I kind of became like the kids I taught. I was like, okay, there's a message here and this what is this mean? Right. And so as on this path, I really but I was really sick. I was really sick doctor and I, I ended up on on oxygen for three years I was 89 pounds. You know, I had I would go to sleep at three o'clock every afternoon, I had two small children at home, my husband would have to cook dinner. It was just a really difficult time and, and I knew there were answers out there, but I just couldn't find them. So I ended up in the whole world of natural health and natural healing, and found a chiropractor that helped me an osteopathic doctor that helped me. And I changed my diet. You know what I started to exercise, got filtered water, took all the chemicals out of my house, I was very chemically sensitive. So I mean, and then I was so sensitive to heavy metals. So the reason I even crashed on a big level was my dentist said to me, You know what, we'll help your fatigue as if we take your mercury fillings out. And I was like, she gave me a book to read on it. And I was like, Alright, if we have to do that, let's go for it. Well, he did it all in one day. And so I was already weak to begin with. And I was like, I just was impatient, which is my God's lesson to me is learning patience. And so I got them all out in one day. And I remember driving home from the dentist's office and I felt like my brain was a little clearer. And I thought, you know, maybe getting that mercury out was a good thing. You know, I'm a little more clear headed. This is good. And he gave me homeopathic remedies to clear the mercury out of my body. So he was trying to do the right thing you know, on the right track. But within three months, my fingertips were tingling. I couldn't be around anything electric sound of the refrigerator humming in My kitchen, I'd have to turn it off when I was in there. I became allergic to just about every food, every chemical. And the biggest one was pesticides and herbicides because of all the mercury in them anyway, and the heavy metals contained in those chemicals. So I ended up on oxygen. And I remember just being really, really angry about the fact that I was researching all of this and saw so many children with asthma, and wondered about the kids I even taught. I was teaching learning different children, how much how much of their little bodies was also being affected by the chemicals and foods in our environment know that we were eating the same as me. So I ended up becoming an activist, I worked with the mayor to sue the state of Illinois, they wanted to spray for mosquitoes over the entire state and take it out of local control hands. And I knew the woman whose daughter died from mosquito abatement Noosa the Girl Scout camp, she actually lobbied Her name is June Larson she lobbying Washington DC to get the little signs that are put in lawns that say the blonde was sprayed with glyphosate, which of course, there's no lawsuits against. So even at that time, we had 14 articles in the paper, I became this like, teacher, angry housewife person on a mission, to change, to change the environment to change, to change the world and try to educate people on the dangers of chemicals and pesticides. And then one day I had enough, I was like, I can't do this anymore. I'm not gonna live in, you know, in my bathtub or go sleep in the car in the forest preserves, and, you know, I'm done. So I ended up moving to New Mexico, where there's no lawn, it was all sagebrush. It was all sagebrush, my adobe house up in Taos, New Mexico. And so it was like, it was kind of like the movie, Little Miss Sunshine. If anyone's ever seen that movie, it was this road trip. My family did caravanning out here, and you know, it's been just like anything else. It's like, it was God's plan or the gift. Because the gift of having to go through that, you know, is what helped me heal and change my life and all the work that of course I do with people now with brain. If I hadn't lost my own brain power, I wouldn't be doing this level of work.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  7:21  
Brilliant. So then what was it? So just by moving, you got rid of all those symptoms?


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  7:27  
Good question. No, it took some time. In fact, it took me 16 years. So So what really happened was, I didn't have the have to do the oxygen as much when I moved out here, because there weren't as many chemicals and it was cleaner air and I was 7000 feet in the mountains. So I knew when I researched I was either going like, to the mountains of the ocean or somewhere that was cleaner, you know, a cleaner environment. And, and so I could breathe again, you know, and I didn't have to do the oxygen, I could hike, I started exercising more and, and all that. But I did I did, I'll switch to all my organic food and slowly added in different supplements that my body could tolerate. But I was so sensitive, I was sensitive to everything. So it took time, it really took time to heal that immune system. And just like all of us, and I know you probably did this on your path too. We start with the physical body, right, we change our diet, we take supplements, we start exercising, we get better sleep, all of that. And you know, that got me somewhere, but I still wasn't where I wanted to be. And so I kept seeking. And then I started writing the Grateful journal, and doing more of the mental work and the emotional work and the spiritual work. And then I was introduced to energy work, biofeedback energy work. So I started naturopathic school after I moved to Albuquerque. Actually, what I said to myself was, gosh, you know what, I know all this already, I should get the paper on the wall. Because I had to learn so much on my journey, right? So, so um, so I figured out that the to really heal all the way we had to do physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and the energetic field simultaneously. And if it wasn't done simultaneously, and we did little pieces of the puzzle along the way, like I did, it takes too long. So what I was working with the children to help them read, write and spell, it was actually a dyslexic therapy program. We did what you say with what you hear with what you write, what you see with what you feel. And they would jump to grade levels and reading in six months. It changed their brain. And I went, Whoa, we're not doing this and healing. Why can't we combine and do a simultaneous program to change people's brains. Brain, Body, Mind spirit, if you will, and help people get healthy fast. So it's always been my quest because it took me so long. And so when I started putting together my system, it actually just evolved into those steps. It's body mind, spirit, but it's B as his body. So we work with the body, it spells brain are is releasing, releasing mental chatter, releasing the emotional baggage, releasing the trauma, we all have trauma and PTSD now from COVID on different levels for everybody, but it's still it's still somewhat is still trauma, you know, so we have to release that. And then A is aligned with spirit. Spirit is always a part of healing, whatever you believe whatever your God is to you, I is integrating your brain frequencies to your soul's true purpose. So I know that when we have purpose, we heal. When there's no purpose, it's harder to get healthy all the way. And then, and is putting in the new program. And the new program is how do you want to show up now in the world. So there's a lot of techniques and work out there that we'll do releasing, but they forget the new program. So I reprogram the brain with codes for success. It's numbers. Um, you can reprogram the brain with hypnotherapy, you can reprogram the brain with biofeedback. So I combined it all.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  11:31  
Wow. And so then what does that look like? Is that utilizing a machine? Is that something that Yeah, how do you how do you do that reprogramming?


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  11:44  
Yeah, the reprogram piece is it's energy work in the field. And it's codes and numbers. And so think of it instead of acupuncture points on your body. They're their spin points or energy points in the, in the energy field. So like, your brain actually has an energy field around it, you have a field of energy around you, we're energetic beings. And your brain, if you picture an atom with the rings around it. You have capacitor rings around your brain. And when they're off or wobbly, you won't feel balanced and you'll have brain flop, you'll have fatigue, you'll have memory issues, you might have sleep problems. So we have to get that back balanced. So what I found is, you know, all the great and I have them I sell them great brain supplements, you know, and eating for healthy for your your brain and your body and, you know, treating your body well and nurturing yourself. That's all good. But if we don't clear the patterns in the field of those brain rings, you won't be what I call 100%. You.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  12:57  
Interesting. So that's, that's B ra n. This is the brain system that you talk about. Right? So body releasing, align, integrating and then new program. Yes. Okay, excellent. Can you take us into each one of those a little bit more deeply?


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  13:19  
Yeah, absolutely. So body the body piece is eating healthy, eating organic foods without pesticides and herbicides on you know, on them, taking good supplements to supplements that are right for you. Finding again, I functional medicine or kinesiologist, your chiropractor practitioner can help you with that. It's the it's the piece about exercise, making sure that you're exercising, you're moving your body, you're getting good sleep. The very first simple piece of body would be drink half your weight in ounces of water a day. Most of us are dehydrated, you know. And of course getting healthy fats in for your brain, whether it's coconut oil, avocado, banana. So all of those pieces, I also do like a lot of allergy treatments to treating for allergies, whether it's a food allergy, whether it's a chemical allergy, whether it's pollen, or entry, you know or grass. So we want to get you back balanced. And balancing that nervous system. The parasympathetic, sympathetic nervous system gets off balance when we've had trauma, when we're stressed out when we're eating poor foods or drinking alcohol. So it's about keeping that body in.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  14:36  
Brilliant. And so then what does it look like to release these negative emotions or release this trauma?


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  14:45  
Yeah, so there's like about 10 different tools that I teach. One of them is called brain soul balancing where we we put your goal or intention in a box, and I'm like a medical intuitive I'm able to muscle test you If there was a trauma at age six or something in the womb, or great, great grab listening, or you were beat up in sixth grade on the playground, you know, whatever it is, we have to clear that trauma, because the trauma and the brain actually causes a lesion. It's based on Dr. hammers work. He was a German doctor that discovered the trauma can cause illness. His story was his son was shot in age 17 and died. And three months later, he ended up with testicular cancer. And he said to himself, and I was perfectly healthy before, why did I get this illness? You know, it must be the trauma of losing my son. So he started working on clearing the trauma and his cancer went away. He put whole charts together and actually did all kinds of research and SPECT scans of people's brains, and found that there be different places in the brain that the lesion would occur for different types of illness. And it was Adams fascinating work. And so I figured out how to clear those. So I'm good at clearing trauma in the field. So even right now, if we say, Hey, we want to be at peace, we want to be balanced. So for your whole audience to be at peace and balance, because of all the stuff going on on the planet still. And, you know, in the confusion, the post COVID syndrome, I'm calling it we would just say, okay, what's the energy in the field there? And it's based on words, really, it's the power of the spoken word, or the truth will set you free, can say, well, gosh, the energy in the field is pain. And I muscle testing here, it's devastated. It's burdened, it's powerless, it's uncertain. It's lost. Its grief,

anxiety, lack of control. So then we'd say all that energy that's in the energy field, from sort of this post COVID syndrome, is it a liar, a thief or a fraud on our piece in our balance, and I get that it's a fraud, meaning it's not our souls truth. And then I say, did it kill, steal or destroy something? Well, it destroyed something, what did it destroy? Well, for our group here for you, and for the audience, it destroyed peace, freedom, ease, trust, protects protection, and gratitude. So when I say that those actually came from john 1010, in the Bible, they clear the soul level of the brain. So what I'll watch is if we really do like layers of this, that's where we can take someone who's had anxiety and in one session that's gone. Because we've cleared the core issue or the core trauma. It seems so simple, and it is, but it's just identifying it's going to those core places.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  18:04  
It's a little bit of a shortcut. You know, instead of having to work on your trauma for years and years and years.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  18:11  
Yeah, why not? I mean, I was always looking for ways to make it faster. It took me so long. It's like, No, we have to help people faster. Yeah.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  18:21  
So is that did you find that with your fatigue, that utilizing these techniques that you were learning really was like the biggest needle mover for you?


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  18:29  
Absolutely. But it was a whole system, you know, so like I said, I started with body, and I was better. But I still had this inkling or this little feeling like I wasn't really me, I wasn't really 100%. And then when I started doing the emotional work, and the and the mental work, and you know, the positive attitude and all of that, it certainly did help, but I still wasn't where I wanted to be. And then when I started doing the energy work in clearing these past traumas, and putting in a new program, and then coupling that with neuro biofeedback, I have more energy now than I did in my 20s. And I'm 63.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  19:06  
I love that. That's excellent. So we talked about body we talked about releasing, aligning with spirit, it was that part of that process that we just did.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  19:17  
Yeah, because that's like a soul level, in a sense, you know, and, and it does, it does go back like I said to john Thompson, the Bible's words, sound and I couldn't use those words right away. They were very, they were negative to me. Liar, thief, fraud, kill steal. Now that person didn't steal anything for me. No, I can't say they did that. And it was hard for me to do that in the beginning. And I just practiced it. And I realized that when we do that, we're actually clearing a deeper level for people that they didn't even know was buried there. Mm hmm.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  19:52  
Interesting, and then the next one is integrating brain frequency to soul's true purpose. How do you what does that look like? And then how do you help somebody find their purpose?


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  20:04  
That's a great question. I think it's a different path for everyone. Again, what I do is I clear their traumas in their, in their brain and their soul. And they come back more into alignment. And then their purpose kind of shows up. Like I've taken people from for stomach surgeries, Mayo Clinic four times, to healing digestion, to within three years starting their own business, and they're on their dime, and they're doing their own thing.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  20:33  
Brilliant. That's great. And then the new program how you want to show up in the world? And what does that look like?


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  20:42  
The new program is based on some energy work that I do, I there's several ways to do it. But one of my favorite ways to put in the new program would be to come up with a goal or intention, and, and do what we call an integration, we're integrating the new program in your, in your bio computer. So your brain is like a computer, and we can reprogram it. So you haven't think about athletes athletes do this all the time, right? They set a goal, okay, they're at a high jumper, they set a goal and they go, alright, I'm gonna, I'm gonna jump this, this this high, you know, and they achieve that, and now they got to raise that bar. Right. So now they're teaching their brain that they can do it. So they're gaining confidence. You're saying I did that. And now I have to go for my next goal, my next step, maybe their Olympic bound, you know, and so they raise that bar. And now let's say they're high jumper, they're gonna jump back that level. So we teach, we teach the brain how to do that. So that's part of it and setting little setting those goals that are both enough far reaching but attainable, you're teaching your brain that it's good. And you can do this and you're confident. And then the integration piece is actually clears seven generations back and seven forward of any traumas, by using numbers and codes. So you know, so I could probably demonstrate it's going to look woo to some of your people. I'll just say that. Because it it does, it did to me, too, when I first learned this, um, but what was happening was, they were clearing someone who had a car accident and was hurt in a car accident, and I watched their face change in front of me. And I was like, how do they do that with just these numbers in these codes? So I was intrigued. And, and I stayed for the rest of the class. And then I went, well, I doesn't hurt to practice this. I might as well try it. And so that's how it really started, we could start with a goal or intention that you have. So what what would you the question I would ask is, what would you want to have changed or be different?


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  22:49  
In my life?


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  22:50  
Yeah, in your life.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  22:51  
I would like to be able to prioritize my, my own health, I would like it to be easier for me to prioritize my own health. Okay.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  23:05  
So if it is, if it is easier for you to prioritize your own health, what would you be doing then you're not doing now.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  23:19  
Instead of rebounding every other day, I would be rebounding every day, instead of walking every other day, I'd be walking every day. So my wife tells me that I'm very disciplined. But I would like to be a little bit more so where instead of thinking so much about work, and having a big Pat impact on the world and helping a million people resolve their fatigue, I'd like to make sure that I am prioritizing the time that I need to do the things that I love singing, playing guitar, making sure that I'm doing those things every day.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  23:52  
Oh, that's awesome. Okay. So what I'm doing is I'm walking the school down to using NLP questions. neuro linguistic programming. So if it's if it's easier for you to prioritize your own health and your rebounding, and you're walking every day, and you're singing and you're playing guitar, how would it make you feel?


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  24:14  
pretty great. resilient, strong, happy. Anything's possible. Nice.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  24:27  
Great. So So now what we can do is, um, should we take some energy out? No, let's just put it in. So So what we can do is integrate those goals or those intentions into your energy field. So this is like putting in a new program. Okay, so we took out a little bit of the stuff from just maybe the COVID energy that was on our planet. We kind of released that a few minutes ago. That other little process and then this is how you want to show up in the world. And I'm sure that everyone out there is going to resonate with this too. We all need to prioritize our own selves. Care. Right? So I'm going to have you say those. And then what I do is I muscle test them. Now, I don't know how many people on the call are familiar with muscle testing. Should I describe that to you, please? Okay. So kinesiologist, chiropractors, natural, natural health professionals, even coaches, you know, a lot of people use what we call muscle testing today. And the muscles of your of your body are connected to your nervous system. So we actually can use the strength of a muscle to get answers. And really what it's doing is it's tapping into your higher intuition, as well. And so I muscle test like this. And I know some of you can't see this, we're on a podcast. But basically, I'm using my, my pointer finger as if it was my arm. And so chiropractors will use your arm off and they'll have you put your arm out and they'll say, stay strong, like push gently down on your arm. And they're calibrating you. They're getting a yes. And a no. So if they gently push down on your arm, and you stay strong, and they'll say, say yes. So this is my Yes. And then they'll say, say no. And my arm goes slightly weak, or just down a little bit. That's a no. So basically getting a yes. And a No. Well, when I was healing, I have to wait for my children to come home from school. So I can use them as a surrogate so I could use their arm. And I said, No, no, I need to figure this out for myself. And I believe God helps those who help themselves. So I pretend my pointer finger is my arm. And I put my middle finger on top, and I press down gently. And I get a yes. And I say I'm gonna hold it. So first, I hold it, I hit yes. And then no. And so it's just like using your arm while you're using one, you know, your hand, one, you know, couple fingers. So it allows my other hand to be open to go down like a list and check it. And I'm really fast with it. So for your goals, I'm going to muscle test you saying them, okay. And then we're going to do these codes with numbers that change the brain rings around your brain, so that this new program of having things be easier for your prioritize your health will happen for you. Right? Okay, so that's how we're gonna do it. Okay, so we're just gonna say, so say it is easier for me to prioritize my own health.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  27:38  
It is easier for me to prioritize my own health.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  27:41  
Okay, and I'm just muscle testing. And it should bring up stress, right? So it should go weak, or like, you know, just a little weaker, if it wasn't the right goal, and we wouldn't you know, if it didn't test weak, we wouldn't need it. We wouldn't need to integrate it. We wouldn't need to work on it. Okay. So let's say I rebound and I walk every day.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  28:02  
I rebound and I walk every day.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  28:04  
Okay, I'm singing and I'm playing guitar.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  28:07  
I'm singing and I'm playing guitar.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  28:09  
I love that you sing and play guitar. And when


Evan H. Hirsch, MD​  28:13  
I feel


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  28:15  
I feel resilient.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  28:17  
I feel resilient.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  28:18  
Strong and happy.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  28:20  
Strong and happy.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  28:22  
Awesome, say anything is possible.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  28:25  
Anything is possible.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  28:27  
Okay, so we just muscle test net. And now I'm going to do these codes. So the first codes clear stress, so they clear stress and anxiety. And so I'm picturing your left leg, I'm just going down your left leg, and I'm making circles, and I'm saying a number. So numbers are universal language. So numbers can reprogram. So my teacher again taught me these numbers. So it's two three, love, five, three, forgiveness, six, five, choice nine to freedom for to greater love. And the second part clear self sabotage. So self sabotage goes down the front of your body. So this is right on with your bowl, too. So the first code is just over your a little bit above your chest and was just below your Adam's apple there. We're gonna say four, two, and then I'll have you say, I have positive self worth.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  29:24  
I have positive self worth.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  29:26  
And then I'm going a little further down on your chest over your heart, say two to say I choose to succeed.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  29:33  
I choose to succeed.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  29:35  
Good. And then for for, say I choose to live in joy.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  29:40  
I choose to live in joy.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  29:42  
Good. And six, two, I choose to live by the higher laws.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  29:46  
I choose to live by the higher laws.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  29:49  
Awesome. And then I want to do some extra codes on you. So it's going to go pretty fast. It's 147 on your backside, and it's actually balancing the brain from front To back, so it's this ring. Okay. And then I'm going to have you look at my ex. And then I do the code, it's four, five. And that bill says the brain sideways. And then I'm going to do nine, six, and nine, six is in your armpit. It's the consciousness ring. So it's a ring. And then nine, six over the top of your head is the cranial ring. eight, six over your ear, your left ear is that hearing ring, six, eight is on your left knee, it's the seeing ring. And then we're going to do the ring to all the rings. So we're basically balancing those rings in your brain, three to 926, complete cycles, 5859 times, robbing to 823 complete cycles 2363 times, that's the emotional vibration reset. Then we're going to do 375, which is the self ring and 377 is the digestion ring. For 586469 language ring for six, seven breathing, releasing any trauma 10 578 starting on the right hip, now the left hip to it 775 and then shock 123 is on your back cheek, placing that all with PS five to five to 1137 complete cycles. 87,003 57 times two to 824 32 times four to two to 446 to 767-676-7772. Awesome. Okay. You felt that did you?


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  31:42  
I did I'm kind of I'm kind of buzzing, I have chills.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  31:45  
You have chills. Okay, awesome. So we're, this is gonna be good for you, then, then we'll ground you if we need to. So we're gonna have you say say it's easier to prioritize my own health, it's easier to prioritize my own health. Beautiful, and now you're strong. Okay, so I would if you were with me, I'd be muscle testing your arm. But I'm doing it like this for purposes of long distance. And what I want to share with the audience is now your strong if I'm muscle testing you and I'm testing my muscles for, for Dr. Evan here. And after he made that statement, the first time he was weak, after we did all the codes, you're stronger, it means it's integrated in your energy field. And you felt the buzzing, you felt the confirmation. So say I rebound and I walk every day.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  32:34  
My rebound and I walk every day.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  32:37  
Awesome. So I I sing and I play guitar.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  32:40  
I sing and I play guitar.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  32:42  
Beautiful, I feel resilient.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  32:45  
I feel resilient, strong and happy, strong and happy.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  32:51  
Nice, anything is possible.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  32:53  
Anything is possible.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  32:54  
And now you're strong on all of them. So you can feel that, can't you? I can. Isn't that just amazing. So we're reprogramming your brain and your body really your body mind spirit. Now what we want to do is lock it in. And the way that we lock that little process in is you put your hands above your head and clasp them together. And if I was there with you, I would be pulling down on them and you'd be resisting me. Okay, so it's kind of pretending like we're pulling down. And then I'm going to have you pull on your fingers and make a circle in front of your heart and say, 2222 I choose to succeed.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  33:33  
I choose to succeed.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  33:34  
And then tap your belly button eight times. And what we just did is reprogram your brain and walk in those holes of having it be easier. And so I'm in your homework, obviously is rebounding and walking every day. So we'll have to call me Tell me how it's going.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  33:54  


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  33:56  
Very cool. And you're gonna see the video later you changed. Yeah, yeah, you did your face change we do before and after pictures to show people because they look lighter. It's like a de stresses.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  34:08  
Wow. So thank you so much for doing that, by the way. You're looking for a demonstration. And so then how many times does somebody need to do this?


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  35:10  
Yeah, you know what, you can do it as many times as you want. So I do many and call it a mini integration. I do it on myself a couple times a day often. You know if I'm if I'm driving, I'm in a car even kind of dude in the car. So and then I teach I teach my people to use those tools to when they're stressed or they're going to go into an interview or you know, got you're going to speak on stage or you know, you've got something big coming up or a big sporting event and you want to perform well. You know, when you integrate and there's also a tool called mind gems, which you want to give her buddy so like, you know you're not going to know those codes right away. You can learn them and I teach them but you know, it takes So a little bit of time, but there are tools that we can use, like now, you know, to really help and, and when I spoke about the brain rings, the rings around your brain, you can balance those rings in the brain with something called mind gems, which is handheld positions, 12 little handheld positions that balance those reins and help you focus and stay grounded, and stay kind of on your dime.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  35:28  
Brilliant. So that's the free gift for our audience. Yes. So we'll put that link below this video or in the show notes for the podcast. So where can people go to learn more about you?


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  35:41  
So you can go to my website, Luis Swartz, Walter calm. And you'll find mine jumps there as well. So on that website, I'm on Facebook, I'm on Instagram. So you'll find me there as well. And, and I and you can you could probably call the office for right now. And like I said, I'm looking I'm looking forward to, to moving to moving that actually, you know, into selling selling my brick and mortar business now that my online business I have so many people that I'm teaching a system to now it's gone global. That's just the direction of my my life and my business right now. But my other website is AB que Natural Health Center calm. So I have two. And so that's my center. And then like I said, I'm more online, but I love people. Dr. Evan, I love hanging out with you today. This is so cool. I just, I mean, I love teaching. So I want to connect. So if you're out there, I just want to connect with you. I want to know you.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  36:40  
Yeah. And you're you're really good at it to you. And so then what does it look like to work with you? It sounds like you've got the one on ones, which is like virtual over zoom, kind of like what we did, yes, to help people work through the brain system, right to reset a number of these things from an energetic perspective, which I find to be so amazing. And I'm actually going to talk to you after this about you know, how do we incorporate this more in our program, because I do believe that we need to be treating on so many different levels of health, you know, mind body, spirit energetics. And so I'm so pleased that you have this amazing program out there. So you've got the one on ones. And then you're also teaching people how to do this for others. You got a training program?


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  37:25  
Yeah, so I have a training program. So it's a mastermind mastermind program. And and that's a year long program. And we're teaching the brain system, you know, and so and then I also have certified coaches who are learning, learning the program becoming certified in it so they can work with, they can work with their people on it. And so it's now it's global. And it's just been really fun and probably taken maybe 45 to 50 people through this program in the last four years here five years. And it's just been so rewarding. And, you know, my goal is to change 2 million brains by 2025. And we're doing it because we did we did a million by 2020. Because once I share it and made some you know, we just keep it keeps like deficiency kind of thing. So it's just about helping more people.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  38:13  
Excellent. So for those of you who are listening and watching, if you want to get this experience, if you want to transform and utilize this quote unquote, shortcut to make things happen faster for you, I definitely recommend going to loot Dr. Louise's website and get on a free discovery call with her right you have those free discovery calls?


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  38:32  
Yeah, absolutely. It's like a brain solid self assessment. And so I like to, I like to talk with people and help them help them move some needles for themselves, like move ahead. And also find out if there's any anything else I can help them with. We need to work further.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  38:47  
Brilliant, and we'll put that link below as well. Dr. Luis, thank you so much for joining me today.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  38:53  
Oh, it was so awesome to be here. Thank you so much. Dr. Oh, you're such a great host. I'm so excited about the work you're doing to and you're doing such great work in the world and people need you. I mean, look at how many people are fatigued. Yes, you know, and more so now than ever, right? Are you finding that?


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  39:10  
It is unfortunately the more toxic the world becomes the more people get fatigued are the human organism is just not made for this world sometimes.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  39:19  
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  39:22  
Thanks so much.


Dr. Louise Swartzwalter  39:24  
You're welcome. Thank you.


Evan H. Hirsch, MD  39:27  
I hope you learned something on today's podcast. If you did, please share it with your friends and family and leave us a five star review on iTunes. It's really helpful for getting this information out to more fatigued people who desperately need it. Sharing all the experts I know in love, and the powerful tips I have on fatigue is one of my absolute favorite things to do. If you'd like more information, please sign up for my newsletter, where I share all important facts and information about the tea from the foods and supplements. To the programs and products that I use personally and recommend to others so that they can live their best lives. Just go to fix your fatigue comm forward slash newsletter to sign up and I will send you this great information. Thanks for being part of my community. Just a reminder, this podcast is for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional care by a doctor or other qualified medical professional. It is provided with the understanding that it does not constitute medical or other professional advice or services. If you're looking for help with your fatigue, you can visit my website and work with us at fix your fatigue calm and remember, it's important that you have someone in your corner who is a credentialed health care professional to help you make changes. This is very important especially when it comes to your health. Thanks for listening, and have an amazing day.

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